Sneak peek: Upcoming mouse lock feature

In case you haven’t seen it or heard about it–here’s a “sneak peek” demo of the upcoming mouse lock feature in a future release of Flash Player. Move the mouse infinitely without leaving Flash Player content!


Age of Defenders: Interview with the head of game development

Age of Defenders is a tower defense game built with Flash (for web versions) and AIR (for tablet and mobile versions). The game is available in both the App Store and the Android Market, as well as in browsers, and will soon be available on the Blackberry Playbook.

Adobe gaming evangelist Tom Krcha interviews head of development Tomáš Botek about the development process and technology challenges. Highlights:

Me: How long have you been working on the original browser game and how big is the team?

Tomáš: We have started with a web version, which took us approximately 1 year. We are a team of 4 programmers and 3 designers. We have spent a lot of time thinking about the concept of the game.

Me: How long did it take to port it from iOS to Android with AIR?

Tomáš: When we had the first tablet version ready (iOS version), all we had to do for the other platforms was to work with the resolutions. The transition from the iOS to Android was very quick, took almost no time.

See the full interview on Tom Krcha’s blog (

AS gaming tutorial round-up

If, like me, you’re a total novice at gaming, getting started in game development is no small task. A good game idea gives you a huge head start, but the challenges of graphic design, sound design, 2D versus 3D, and how to support a variety of platforms and devices can distract and overwhelm. And then there’s the actual coding.

To help you with the coding as well as other gaming aspects, many online tutorials are available. Here are some that I found:
Good collection of tutorials on various levels. This site shows the publish date of each tutorial.
Contains lots of up-to-date samples. This site shows the publish date of each tutorial and lets you sort by Most Recent, Most Commented, or Alphabetical.
This is not the gaming area of ActiveTuts, but it has some great ActionScript utilities and apps. This site shows the publish date of each tutorial and lets you sort by Most Recent, Most Commented, or Alphabetical.
Some of these tutorials are quite old. The site doesn’t display the publish dates and doesn’t allow sorting.
A useful list of Flash tutorial resources.
Unfortunately, the most recent post is from 2007. This page offers lots of filtering widgets.
This page is not ActionScript-specific. It lists the steps and requirements for implementing a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). It is rather old (dated 2004), but the advice is still thought-provoking if not always relevant to mobile platforms.
This page introduces the Starling 2D framework. Near the bottom of the page, find a link titled “Click to download (Introducing Starling – rev. 1.2.5)”. This PDF download contains a lengthy Starling tutorial written by Adobe evangelist Thibault Imbert.

And for the most challenging and cutting edge information on game development with ActionScript, you can’t do better than the four Adobe gaming evangelists’ blogs:

Tom Krcha’s blog
Mike Jones’ blog
Enrique Duvos’ blog
Lee Brimelow’s blog

Starling game and insights from Devon Wolfgang

It’s a little late now for Halloween, but if you want to see what Starling can do in a simple game, check out Devon Wolfgang’s Halloween game. It’s a zombie shoot-’em-up that is like a carnival shooting gallery. Devon also gives his frank opinions on the current state of the Starling API. In the Halloween game, he creates blood effects using his own Starling particle editor. You can run the particle editor in a browser using the link in Devon’s posting (not supported on Macs.)